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Little Patakha Language Learning Books

unique watercolour illustrations for a regional indian language learning book series


Type of work

Publication Design

Hand Lettering

Brand Identity


Designing an immersive learning experience to spark curiosity in eager young minds by introducing them to diverse sounds, ideas and people they normally wouldn't come across.

Little Patakha presents: Planet Pathrado and Planet Pichkari - first of their kind children's word building books in Konkani and Hindi, respectively. These two books are the first steps into the big worlds of these native Indian languages and learning them through English phonetics. I collaborated with a talented Illustrator Yogita to create a set of illustrations beaming with fun and personality. 

Early sketches for characters and lettering

An illustration identity & voice inspired by an adventurous 2 year old girl

On speaking to our client about the brand and illustration concepts we realised that they were hugely inspired by her 2 year old. She is the daughter of two scientists who love the outdoors, so naturally she too is fascinated by insects, birds and animals, and loves getting her hands dirty.


We conducted a brand workshop to learn more about her daughter and how her personality would influence the brand.

Brand workshop to sort key personalities for the illustrations

We chose to use a watercolour illustration style to add some texture and playful mess. It is fairly uncommon in children's books, and our client loved it. One of Little Patakha's key messages is 'Seeing differences as something to love and learn from, instead of something to be wary of'. Together we made sure every illustration had personality and an imperfection that made them 'zara hatke'.

animal character design: watercolour illustration style for a children's language learning book series

The more you look at the illustrated characters and objects, the more you notice the lovely details in their ruffled hair, accessories, muddy feet, eyes, ears or horns. 

Indian inspired watercolour character illustration for a children's book

The main character was made to look Indian in a subtle way, with small earrings and printed kurta. Her messy hair,  boots, and backpack show off her adventurous and curious nature. 

Konkani book: Planet Pathrado

Hindi book: Planet Pichkari

All the Little Patakha products and collaterals were created by us, from illustration to logo and website design to publication design. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing of these 2 books. More work on building this brand will be showcased soon.

If you love our ideas and would like to share our wonderful culture with everyone, back our project on Kickstarter and receive some great rewards- like these books!

collaborative brand workshop to understand illustration style for a children's language learning book series
pencil sketches for character design and lettering for an illustrated childrens book
Planet pathrado: watercolour illustrations and lettering for a children's language book to learn Konkani

A custom set of hand drawn letterforms was also created in watercolour style

watercolour style lettering for an indian regional language (Hindi, Konkani) learning book for children
Planet pichkari: watercolour illustrations and lettering for a children's language book to learn Hindi and devanagari script
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