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Honey R Us Packaging

minimal and premium packaging labels for a honey brand


Honey R Us, single estate honey

Creating unique and customised packaging visuals & structures for clients’ special gift orders.

Type of work

Packaging Design

Brand Identity

Print Design

I developed Honey R Us' structural packaging as well as the accompanying graphics. They already had their logo and visual identity in place, so I translated the same onto new designs. We would keep the minimalism of the visual style of the brand identity intact while customising packaging to suit our clients.

minimal and premium packaging labels for an indian honey brand

A lot of the customisation required for Honey R Us was around the number of bottles the client desired. I created packs of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the gift-able 50g honey bottles.

Designing a mini gift bag style packaging for a set of 2 honey bottles

Honey R Us was never fixed on a cuboid box for its structure since orders were placed in smaller quantities, and delivery was not a problem. That allowed  us to be innovative with the gifting experience. The pack of two was designed like a mini goodie bag that carefully cradled the two bottles.

Creating pack samples, key-lines and final print design

Photos of the gift pack taken by Honey R Us, at the venue

5 pack carousel box to show off different honey varieties at a flea market 

This was a challenging idea since we wanted the unique colours of the different honey varieties to be shown through the box. After a few trials and precise measurements we arrived at an elegant design and material that held the bottles firmly at their necks.

minimal cardboard packaging gift box design for an indian honey brand

5 x 50g carousel box  for a flea market. Photo by Honey R Us

The Honey R Us gifting experience went beyond their boxes. We would often personalise bottles with the clients' name, or include a gift card with a message.

As their designer I also worked on brand identity collateral like brochures,  posters, business cards and marketing material.

Having worked on multiple aspects of the brand, it was great to learn about creating interesting yet business viable structures, printing & punching techniques, and about packaging material options.

minimal paper packaging structure, keylines and print ready design for an indian honey brand
minimal paper packaging gift box design for an indian honey brand
minimal brand collaterals for an indian honey brand
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