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Tydy Forms Experience

Application form user experience design for web and mobile


Tydy, the Onboarding Experience


Type of work

User Experience
Digital Way-finding

Information Design

Improving the Tydy Forms experience by reducing the anxiety and frustration of form filling.

I saw the opportunity to work on wayfinding and navigation through the form, and improve small interactions by clarifying intent and displaying user progress. Thus reducing ambiguity and anxiety in the redesign.

To protect Tydy’s Intellectual Property, I have described the redesign process using the example of a College Application Form.

Examples of navigation and progress taken from Typeform, Jotform, Fitbit and others

Tydy Forms captured over 300 fields, so their challenges were around displaying and asking for too much information on a single page. Guiding users through errors in such a long form became chaotic, and the UI needed improvement.

Working on Primary Navigation that focuses user attention into chunks, and gives a better sense of progress

I explored vertical, horizontal and accordion style navigation, to find that horizontal navigation, with 3 columns made the best use of space. An Index Page at the beginning proved to be a good heads up on the kinds of information required from the user.

Application form user experience design: index page

Index page for users to know what to expect

Application form user experience design: vertical navigation

Vertical Navigation could provide easy access to tabs

Application form user experience design: accordian navigation

Accordion navigation trial for a smooth flow

With over 300 fields to be filled, and in any order, it was important to show the user where they were in the form filling process. Each individual tab was marked as ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’, with the same status reflected on the Index page as well.

Providing users with details of the kind of information they would be required to enter, and the purpose of collecting the information was extremely helpful in removing ambiguity.

Application form user experience design: horizontal navigation, conveying intent and user progress

Chosen Horizontal Navigation, conveying Intent and Progress

Application form user experience design: index page, progress and errors

The Index page helped guide users through mistakes. On submitting, an error icon would show up alongside the applicable tab. Once opened, the user would be clearly guided through each of the fields containing errors.

Tydy Forms with the new design and UI

By re-looking these 4 parameters- primary navigation, conveying intent, user progress and error messages, the new form fulfilled the aim of Tydy’s redesign undertaking. I also found immense joy and satisfaction in improving the experience of a product like a Form, that usually comes off as dull and boring.

Forms user experience case study references: typeform, jotform
Application form user experience and interaction design for web and mobile

Displaying non-linear Progress & Conveying Intent to remove ambiguity

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