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Tydy Brand Illustration System

Isometric style achievement splash screen illustration for a gamification system


Tydy, the Onboarding Experience


Type of work

Brand Identity


Creating a scalable visual and gamification system to convey the values of the Tydy brand.

I created a set of playful illustrations to express Tydy’s fun and thoughtful personality, and convey its brand story. The resulting identity system was applied across multiple channels, from product screens, empty states, and gamification system to the website and marketing collaterals.

Sketching isometric badge concepts

Creating  joyful illustrations that encourage positive behaviour, on the platform and outside of it.

 We knew an isometric design style would allow for a modular system that could grow endlessly. The first set of illustrations were created to highlight little moments of delight, and celebrate achievements earned on the platform. I sketched out several ideas for badges and their splash screens.

A set of badges and celebratory splash screens for web and mobile

This visual language influenced product illustrations as well. The idea of games and play were used to convey complex and abstract ideas of a modern workspace in a simple and relatable way. Concepts were often whimsical and metaphorical,  bringing digital interactions into the real world as larger-than-life objects.

Playful isometric brand illustrations inspired by games
Playful isometric brand illustrations inspired by games
Playful isometric brand illustrations inspired by games

Snippets of Tydy's illustrations inspired by slot machines and the game Connect 4


Empty state and product illustrations were a little more subdued. A range of neutral greens formed our base palette, while lively bursts of colour highlighted focus areas. These visual principles were all documented as guidelines.

An overview of the visual principles

While every visual element could be broken down and combined in multiple  ways, we identified different categories. Hero illustrations were used on webpage headers, Scenes visualised concepts like features and benefits, and Spots replaced 'complex icons' in instructional graphics.  

Hero illustrations: Playful isometric brand illustrations
Scene illustrations: Playful isometric brand illustrations
Spot illustrations: Playful brand illustrations

The Illustration spectrum

Being the architect of this visual system was a great exercise in bringing my own playful ideas from the games I play, and developing illustrations in a holistic manner.

Isometric illustrations: Badges and achievement splash screens for a gamification system
Isometric hexagon acheivement badges for Tydy's gamification system

Building an Illustration Spectrum of Hero, Scene and Spot Illustrations

Style guide and visul principles for Tydy's brand illustration system
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